We are fortunate to do business here.

So we show gratitude in many ways.

Beyond our business, we’re active members of our communities. We’re not just bankers—we’re fellow citizens of the Golden Isles – and we have deep roots in the area.

It’s a part of who we are that we take an active role in making this an even better place to live. At work, we finance new businesses or new homes—but outside of work we like to contribute in a hundred other ways.

Our History

Our doors officially opened for business in 2009. But our founding principles were established well before then. Time-tested methods like sound financial management and local authority have been the lighthouse of values for our parent company for more than 30 years.

The vision was, and still is, to serve our people. People that live here, work here, retire here, or vacation here. People we call friends, neighbors, and colleagues. People South Coast is privileged to call customers and people to someday call clients.

Advised by a board of local business leaders, South Coast was built with the heart of the community in mind, trusting that people who are here know what is best for here.

The first location was in downtown Brunswick. As the bank grew, the opportunity to serve more people presented itself and South Coast expanded to St. Simons Island.

Products have been added and locations have changed. But an unwavering dedication to people remains. And it is that commitment that creates the exceptional customer service synonymous with the name South Coast.

Photo of employees supporting local teams